Introduction: Both long COVID and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) are multi-system conditions requiring multi-organ assessment to monitor organ health and detect co-morbidities earlier. Here, we defined multi-organ abnormalities in both patient groups with a rapid, non-contrast MRI scan.

Methods: We recruited 135 long COVID patients (NCT04369807) and 135 T2D patients (NCT04114682) . MRI data were acquired for organ-specific measures of size, fat deposition and fibroinflammation (CoverScan®, Perspectum Ltd.) . Reference values were based on 92 controls and published literature.

Results: There was a high prevalence of organ abnormality in both patient groups (Figure, left) , including increased fat deposition (steatosis) in liver, pancreas, and kidney (Figure, right) . 35% of T2D patients had clustering of abnormalities involving at least 2 organs, compared to 23% in long COVID. Abnormalities affecting the liver and renomegaly were more common in T2D than in long COVID. Considering only obese patients, liver fibroinflammation, hepatomegaly, and renomegaly remained significantly more prevalent in T2D than in long COVID.

Conclusion: Multi-organ MRI assessment can enrich the current blunt assessment of multi-system abnormalities in diverse disease states to inform earlier intervention and treatments.


N.Eichert: Employee; Perspectum Ltd. G.Kemp: None. D.Cuthbertson: Other Relationship; AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk. A.Banerjee: Research Support; AstraZeneca. A.Telford: Employee; Perspectum Ltd. A.Roca-fernandez: Employee; Perspectum Ltd. A.Hamid: None. H.B.Thomaides-brears: Employee; Perspectum Ltd, Stock/Shareholder; Perspectum Ltd. A.Dennis: Employee; Perspectum Ltd. R.Banerjee: Employee; Perspectum Ltd., Other Relationship; Perspectum Ltd., Stock/Shareholder; Perspectum Ltd. S.Ali: Other Relationship; NICE committee for diabetes. G.Thanabalasingham: Speaker's Bureau; Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH.


EU RADIcAL grant, Innovate UK

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