Background: Prediabetes is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) , kidney disease and death but the extent to which the risk associations between prediabetes and clinical events are modified by age is not known.

Methods: We conducted a retrospective analysis of a territory-wide diabetes surveillance dataset from the Hong Kong Hospital Authority including 2,692,880 individuals with at least one glycaemic measurement between 2000 and 2019. Prediabetes was defined according to the American Diabetes Association criteria. Proportional Cox regression was used to derive hazard ratios (HR) and 95% CI of prediabetes vs. normoglycaemic for incident CVD, end-stage kidney disease (ESKD) , all-site infection and all-cause death, stratified by baseline age categories (20-39, 40-59, 60-79 and ≥80 years) .

Results: Compared with people with normoglycaemia, people with prediabetes had greater hazards for clinical events in all age groups but the effect size attenuated with ascending age. In the youngest and in the oldest age categories, the respective HRs (95% CI) of prediabetes vs. normoglycaemia were 1.93 (1.71-2.17) and 1. (1.01-1.12) for CVD, 1.72 (1.42-2.08) and 1. (1.03-1.17) for ESKD, 1.48 (1.36-1.62) and 1. (1.00-1.08) for all-site infection, and, 1.52 (1.33-1.73) and 1. (1.04-1.10) for all-cause death. The associations remained after excluding people who later developed diabetes and after adjusting for metabolic factors.

Conclusion: Prediabetes increases the risk of major clinical events and death independent of subsequent development of diabetes and metabolic factors. The risk relationships between prediabetes and clinical events are stronger in young than older people.


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