Introduction: There is a paucity of large-scale data from multiethnic populations on proteomic alterations related to type 2 diabetes, which could help identify prognostic mediators.

Method: We analyzed 4,955 plasma proteins using SomaLogic v4.0 on 10,478 ARIC Study participants (Visit 2, 1990-92, mean age: 57±6 years, 56% women, 22% Black adults, 14% with diabetes) . We used logistic regression to quantify proteins associations with prevalent diabetes in a 2/3 discovery and 1/3 validation subset, with Bonferroni correction of P-values.

Results: After adjustment for demographics, clinical, and lifestyle risk factors (Figure) , 642 proteins were significantly associated with diabetes in the discovery sample (p<10−6) , with 3confirmed in the validation sample (p<0.05/642) . The top five findings were semaphorin-6A, plexin-B2, inactive tyrosine-protein kinase 7, cartilage intermediate layer protein 2, and semaphorin-6B. Proteins with known diabetes associations were also identified : insulin receptor, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2, growth differentiation factor-15, and adiponectin.

Conclusions: A large-scale proteomics approach identified numerous diabetes-related alterations. Pathway analysis and comparison to proteomic risk factors for diabetes incidence and complications will shed light on plasma proteomic consequences of diabetes and their relation to future risk.


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