Therapy patterns were examined across various subgroups during the second year of LANDMARC, a 3-year prospective observational study (CTRI/2017/05/008452) that included participants with T2D on ≥2 antihyperglycemic medications. Of 6234 evaluable participants (mean baseline values - age: 52.1 years, T2D duration: 8.59 years and A1C: 8.05%) , 5318 completed 2-year follow-up visit. Therapeutic management was at the discretion of the treating physician. At the end of the second year, the proportion of participants taking insulin + OAD increased (baseline: 24.0%; 2-years: 33.3%) ; while those taking only OADs decreased (baseline: 74.4%; 2-years: 64.8%) . Among injectable glucose-lowering drugs, there was an increase in basal, prandial and premix insulin. Biguanides and sulfonylureas were the most commonly used OAD classes, the highest increase in OAD addition was seen for DPP4 inhibitors (baseline: 3049/6234, 48.9%; 2-years: 3526/5763, 61.2%) followed by SGLT2 inhibitors (baseline: 654/6234, 10.5%; 2-years: 1227/5763, 21.3%) . Overall, glycemic parameters improved in insulin vs. insulin naïve subgroup (p<0.0001) and in ≤3 OAD vs. >3 OAD subgroup. No difference in change of glycemic parameters was noted in those on basal vs. premix insulin (Table) . Overall, 2-year data indicate that timely initiation of insulin may play an important role in improving glycemic parameters.


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