Introduction: Treatment acceptance and self-management are essential for achieving better HbA1c in people with diabetes.

Methods: IDMPS is an international, observational study investigating care practices and clinical profiles of people with diabetes in developing countries. This analysis of Wave 8 evaluated PROs in people with T2D and their associations with glycemic control using 1) the chronic treatment acceptance questionnaire (ACCEPT) to assess acceptance of long-term medication advantages/disadvantages, and 2) the diabetes self-management questionnaire (DSMQ) to assess health-related behaviors.

Results: Of 2475 people with T2D (mean ± SD age 58 ± 12 years, 51% women, diabetes duration ± 8 years, BMI 31 ± 6 kg/m2, HbA1c 8.0 ± 1.8 %, 43% on insulin, HbA1c <7 % 31%) from 13 countries, most completed ACCEPT (99%) and DSMQ (99%) . Acceptance was high for medication effectiveness and side effects, but low for number of medications and their duration (Figure A) . Scores for self-management were low, especially physical activity (Figure B) . Multivariate analyses did not show association of HbA1c <7 % with higher ACCEPT scores (bar effectiveness score) , regardless of treatment.

Conclusions: Despite high medication acceptance in developing countries, low self-management calls for further education to improve medication effectiveness.


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