Background: Influenza infection represents a significant health problem associated with multiple complications including death. Patients with diabetes are more threatened by severe course of influenza in comparison with non-diabetic population. Anti-influenza vaccination is a key preventive measurement. The study compares one-year (2013-2014) prevalence of anti-influenza vaccination in the Czech, Slovak and EU population with regard to diabetes.

Methods: A sample of Czech (4441 participants, 16%/725 persons with diabetes, 42% men) and Slovak population (3446 participants, 12%/413 persons with diabetes, 41% men) ≥ 45 years of age from European Health Interview Survey 2014 (EHIS) . The data was collected from interviews. The diagnosis of diabetes was based on the self-report of the participants. Student´s t- test and X2 test were used for statistical analyses.

Results: One year prevalence of anti-influenza vaccination in Czechia was 12.4/17/11.6% (whole group, diabetic group, non-diabetic group) , in Slovakia 13/16.7/8.9% (NS) and in average in the European Union 24.7/41/22.5%. In subanalyses according to age, significant difference of one-year prevalence of anti-influenza vaccination was observed only in the age category ≥ 75 years (15.7% in Czechia vs. 24.1% in Slovakia, p = 0.05) . Furthermore, no differences in vaccination prevalence were found in regard to comorbidities (bronchial asthma, COPD, cardiovascular diseases) , family income, education, presence of obesity, alcohol consumption and smoking between Czech and Slovak patients with diabetes.

Conclusions: Czech and Slovak diabetic patients 45+ reveal low anti-influenza vaccination prevalence as compared to average in EU. There were no differences in vaccination prevalence between Czech and Slovak diabetic patients according to age subgroups, except for the very old. Surprisingly, there were no differences in the vaccination prevalence according to the presence of other comorbidities.


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