Glucagon is essential for glucose control and increased levels of glucagon (hyperglucagonemia) observed in patients with type 2 diabetes contribute to their hyperglycemia. Recently, hyperglucagonemia has also been found in individuals with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) as well as impaired actions of glucagon on amino acid catabolism. Whether glucagon actions on hepatic glucose production are impaired is unknown. We investigated the acute effects of a single bolus of glucagon (0.2mg) on glucose dynamics in 18 normoglycemic individuals (age: 51±3 years, BMI; 31± 0.8kg/m2, hepatic fat content: 20±2%, fasting glucose: 5.5±0.1mM) with magnetic resonance imaging verified NAFLD and 22 controls (age: 38±3 years, BMI; 24± 0.8kg/m2, hepatic fat content: 4±0.1%, fasting glucose: 5.0±0.1mM) . On a separate day, a mixture of amino acids (14 g/L; 331 mg/min/kg body weight) was infused intravenously for 45min to evaluate the actions of endogenous glucagon on glucose dynamics. Glucose levels (see figure) were significantly increased in individuals with NAFLD 60min after the glucagon bolus and during the amino acid infusion with a maximal difference of 0.5mM 30min into the infusion. These data suggest that the actions of glucagon on hepatic glucose production are not impaired by NAFLD. Therefore, the hyperglucagonemia in patients with NAFLD may constitute a diabetogenic risk factor.


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