Male mice lacking the androgen receptor (AR) in islet β cells exhibit blunted glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) , leading to hypoinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. We showed that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activation of an extranuclear AR in β cells potentiates GSIS by amplifying the insulinotropic action of GLP-1 in mouse and human islets. To gain information on DHT-stimulated signaling networks promoting GSIS, we combined functional proteomics with highly selective pharmacological inhibitors in male human islets, and islets from genetic mouse models. We found that DHT-stimulated GSIS in human islets involved a signaling cascade including focal adhesion kinases, the nonreceptor tyrosine kinase SRC, phosphoinositide 3-kinase, and the activation of mTOR complex 2. To define the early network of AR interacting proteins, we performed DHT-stimulated AR immunoprecipitation in INS1 832/3 cells followed by mass spectrometry-based proteomics. We will discuss the AR interactome including: 1) adenylate cyclase-modulating G proteins Gαs and Gαi, cAMP-dependent PKA, and the cAMP-dependent protein LASP1 regulating actin-based cytoskeletal activities; 2) Actin cytoskeleton remodeling proteins promoting actin depolymerization, and 3) Vesicular maturation including the lysosomal vacuolar-type ATPase acidifying insulin secretory granules and the prohormone convertase 2 involved in proinsulin processing. Notably, GLP-1 addition to DHT decreased AR interaction with all these proteins and promoted AR interaction with microtubule motor proteins promoting vesicular transport, proteins involved in exocytic vesicle docking to the plasma membrane, as well as small GTPase activating proteins and guanine nucleotide exchange factors involved in actin remodeling, as well as vesicle trafficking. Together these experiments provide novel insights into the architecture of AR action in enhancing GSIS.


P.Mota de sa: None. M.Qadir: None. M.Blandino-rosano: None. J.Fan: None. W.Xu: None. E.Bernal-mizrachi: None. F.Mauvais-jarvis: Consultant; Mithra Pharmaceutical.


National Institutes of Health (DK107444 and DK074970) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Award (BX003725)

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