Male mice with elimination of the androgen receptor (AR) in islet β cells (βARKO) exhibit blunted glucose-stimulated insulin secretion (GSIS) , leading to hypoinsulinemia and hyperglycemia. We showed that dihydrotestosterone (DHT) activation of an extranuclear AR in β cells potentiates GSIS by amplifying the insulinotropic action of islet-derived and exogenous GLP-1 via GLP-1R in mouse and human islets. Using electron microscopy, we observe that DHT increases the size of granules and the frequency of multivesicular granules, suggesting that DHT promotes multivesicular exocytosis. Using live β cell models expressing organelle-specific cAMP sensors and novel allosteric inhibitors in human islets, we show that DHT enhances the ability of GLP-1 to produce cAMP at the plasma membrane and endosomes and enhances islet GSIS via the bicarbonate (HCO3-) sensor, soluble adenylate cyclase (sAC) . The end-products of glucose metabolism in the TCA cycle are CO2 and H2O, which is followed by rapid conversion of CO2 to HCO3- and H+ by carbonic anhydrase (CA) . Therefore, CO2 production is translated to HCO3- and specifically sensed by sAC. Bioenergetics analysis of DHT-stimulated respiration in mouse islets using a Seahorse Analyser revealed that DHT decreases glycolytic acidification and increases mitochondrial acidification (H+ efflux rate) , suggesting that DHT increases mitochondrial production of CO2 followed by conversion to HCO3- and H+, allowing HCO3- to stimulate sAC. We discuss experiments of single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics dissecting the impact of DHT on human islets glycolysis and mitochondrial CO2 production. Consistent with DHT increasing production of CO2 followed by conversion to HCO3- by CAand activation of sAC, in cultured human male islets, the CA inhibitor acetazolamide blunted DHT-enhancement of GSIS. Together these experiments provide novel insights into the role of DHT action via an extranuclear AR in enhancing GSIS.


M.Qadir: None. D.Hodson: Other Relationship; Celtarys Research. F.Mauvais-jarvis: Consultant; Mithra Pharmaceutical. W.Xu: None. D.Nasteska: None. M.Bhondeley: None. P.Mota de sa: None. C.R.Evans: None. J.Buck: None. L.Levin: None. C.Burant: None.


National Institutes of Health (DK107444 and DK074970) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Merit Award (BX003725)

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