Objective: The association of T2D and severe C-19 outcomes has been reported, but data are scarce on whether pre-existing CVD impacts C-19 outcomes in T2D patients. This study compared the clinical outcomes among C-19 patients with pre-existing T2D, T2D+CVD, or neither.

Methods: Retrospective study of claims and lab data to identify C-19 patients from 3/1/20 - 5/31/21 and stratify them by the presence of T2D and CVD. Outcomes included hospital/ICU admission and mortality. Propensity score matching and multivariable analyses were performed.

Results: After matching, 6,967 patients were identified for each group with a mean follow-up of 5.4 months; minimal residual baseline differences remained. Adjusted analyses (Table) show that C-19 patients with T2D+CVD or T2D only were more likely to be admitted to the hospital/ICU than those with neither (all p <0.01) , with the T2D+CVD group having greater odds. C-19 patients with T2D+CVD had a higher mortality risk compared to those with neither (p=0.02) . Among all T2D+CVD patients, acute respiratory distress syndrome (31%) , acute kidney disease (24%) , and ventilator use (8%) were observed.

Conclusion: Our study highlights the incrementally poorer outcomes associated with pre-existing T2D+CVD in C-19 patients and may suggest consideration of a more aggressive management approach in these patients with a less favorable prognosis.


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