Background: SGLT2i and GLP1-RA improve cardiovascular (CV) and renal outcomes in patients with T2D who are at elevated cardiac or renal risk; however, prescription rates are low despite guidelines recommending their use. We aimed to evaluate the eligibility for and utilization of SGLT2i and GLP-1 in a large health system (HS) .

Methods: The electronic health record (EHR) at a quaternary HS in the Northeastern US was queried to identify patients with T2D with CV, renal disease, or at high CV risk based on comorbidities and 10-year atherosclerotic CV disease (ASCVD) risk score. Demographics, medications, comorbidities, indications, and contraindications for SGLT2i and/or GLP1-RA therapy were assessed.

Results: The population of individuals with T2D on metformin therapy consists of 122,537 patients: 55% male, 8% Black, 13% non-English speaking. Of patients eligible for SGLT2i, 12% were prescribed an SGLT2i. Of patients eligible for GLP1-RA therapy, 17% were prescribed GLP1-RA. Of patients eligible for either SGLT2i or GLP1-RA therapy not currently receiving either therapy, 41% had 10-year ASCVD risk >10%, 56% had ASCVD, 29% had chronic kidney disease (CKD) , and 18% had heart failure.

Conclusion: While advantages of novel therapies have demonstrated benefits, opportunities from provider, patient, and systems to eliminate barriers to uptake and dissemination of therapy to improve outcomes for patients exist.


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