Aim: To analyze the relationship between diagnosis of DM, Hyperglycemia of hospital admission and evolution of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in the Sanatorium “Las Lomas” Asunción, Paraguay. Materials and methods: Observational, analytical, case-control, retrospective design. Total population: 304 patients. Study period: September 2020 to March 2021. Definitions: Controls (Group 1) : Demographically similar patients without diagnosis of DM or Hyperglycemia at hospital admission. Non-probabilistic sampling, consecutive cases.

Cases: adult patients ≥18 years, both sexes, hospitalized for COVID-19 with diagnosis of DM (Group 2) or Hyperglycemia at admission without prior diagnosis of DM (Group 3) Admission hyperglycemia was considered 140 mg/dl.

Results: Of the 304 patients selected: 100 were from Group 1 (G1) , 102 from Group 2 (G2) and 102 from Group 3 (G3) . The length of hospital stay was 7, 10 and 10 days, for G1, G2 and G3 respectively. Mortality was 5%, 10.7% (OR: 2.3 p: 0.12) and 11.7% (OR: 2.5 P: 0.08) for G1, G2 and G3 respectively. It was observed in G1, G2 and G3: the need for O2: 56%, 57.8% (OR: 1.07 p: 0.79) and 71.5% (OR: 2 p: 0.02) ; the use of high-flow cannula was necessary in 7%, 10,7% (OR: 1.6 p: 0.34) and 17.6% (OR: 2.8 p: 0.02) ; ICU admission in 11%, 25.4% (OR: 2.8 p: 0.007) 27.4% (OR: 3 p: 0.003) ; need for mechanical ventilation: 8%, 22.5% (OR: 3.3 p: 0.004) , 21.5% (OR: 3.1 p: 0.006) ; need for dialysis: 2%, 3.9% (OR: 2 p: 0.42) , 6.8% (OR: 3.6% p: 0.09) . The occurrence of complications: 11%, 30.3% (OR: 3.5 p: 0.000) , 34.3% (OR: 4,2 p: 0,000)

Conclusion: The need for admission to ICU, mechanical ventilation, and occurrence of complications were significantly more frequent in patients with DM than controls. Mortality was no different statistically. In patients with hyperglycemia without prior diagnosis of DM, mortality was more frequent, but without statistical significance. The rest of the variables of bad evolution except the need for dialysis were all more frequent.


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