Individuals with diabetic kidney disease (DKD) are at risk for progression, heart failure, and death. We assessed the association of KidneyIntelX, a bioprognostictest validated for DKD progression, with a composite time-to-event endpoint of 57% eGFR decline, kidney failure, heart failure hospitalization (HFH) , or death in a posthoc analysis of a subgroup of CANVAS participants with DKD. sTNFR-1, sTNFR-2, and KIM-1 were measured via proprietary assays, and KidneyIntelX scores were calculated using the existing algorithm. Hazard ratios for high vs. low-risk strata for the composite outcome were adjusted for age, sex, race, treatment arm, baseline CVD, HbA1c, SBP, DBP, LDL, BMI) . During 5.6 years follow-up, 282 (22%) of the 1278 CANVAS participants with DKD experienced the outcome (57% decline in eGFR/ESKD 3%, HFH 6%, death 16%) . The adjusted HR for the composite outcome in KidneyIntelX high-risk group was 2.7 (95% CI 1.9 to 3.8) vs. the low-risk group. Canagliflozin reduced the risk for the composite event vs. placebo, with larger absolute risk reductions for the high-risk stratum (11%) , compared to intermediate (6%) or low-risk strata (4%) (p<0.01) .

In conclusion, KidneyIntelX successfully risk-stratified adults with DKD for clinical outcomes. Absolute risk reductions with canagliflozin were greatest in the high-risk stratum, thereby potentially allowing its use to identify patients most likely to benefit from treatment.


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