We analyzed the efficacy of Twin Precision Treatment (TPT) : a novel whole-body digital twin enabled precision nutrition that measures weight, physical activity, sleep, and sensor glucose values, for achieving remission, at six months among 199 people with T2D enrolled in RCT. The mean age was 43 years (±8.7) ; diabetes duration was 3.7 years (±2.7) . 83.9% (167/199) achieved diabetes remission (HbA1c < 6.5, with the absence of glucose-lowering pharmacotherapy, for at least 3 months) . We looked at the change in the number and percentage of patients who were within the normal range for the biochemical, glycemic metrics, metabolic markers, and BMI, waist circumference, and ASCVD risk score (Figure) . There was a significant increase in the number of people having normal ranges at 90 and 180 days compared to baseline. The parameters for which ≥ 90% in the normal range at 180 days were A1C, FPG, GMI, CV, NAFLD FS, MICR, ASCVD risk score, and hsCRP. The proportion of normalisation rates were 60-90% for HOMA2B, HOMA2IR, BMI, waist circumference, TG/HDL, sdLDL, NAFLD LFS, TIR. Our study demonstrates the diverse metabolic benefits which can be obtained by whole-body digital twin enabled precision nutrition in addition to diabetes remission.


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