Different types of exercise (i.e., aerobic vs. interval vs. resistance) may have different immediate glycemic effects in adults with T1D, but the impact of exercise type on percent time in range 70-180 mg/dL (TIR) on physically active and inactive days is unknown. The Type 1 Diabetes Exercise Initiative (T1DEXI) study examined CGM data on active vs. sedentary days to assess the effect of exercise type on TIR. Adults (N=497) with T1D ([mean ± SD] age= 37 ± 14 years; HbA1C= 6.6 ± 0.8%) , completed six aerobic, interval, or resistance study-designed exercise videos at home over a 4-week period. TIR was higher and mean glucose concentration lower on days when the study-designed exercise video was completed, as compared with sedentary days (Table) . Time below range was low in general in this cohort, although slightly higher on exercise days. Results were remarkably similar for each exercise type, with marginally less increase in hypoglycemia with resistance exercise.

In summary, adults with type 1 diabetes have clinically significant improvements in TIR on active days as compared to inactive days, regardless of the exercise type.


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