Introduction: Indirect evidence suggests iGlarLixi is as efficacious as basal insulin (BI) + rapid acting insulin (RAI) for management of type 2 diabetes (T2D) . However, there are no direct comparisons of iGlarLixi (once-daily [QD]) vs. a BI+RAI regimen (multiple daily injections [MDI]) . SoliSimplify compared these treatments using real-world data from a US database.

Methods: Electronic medical records were analyzed retrospectively using propensity score matching (PSM) to compare therapy advancement with iGlarLixi or BI+RAI in adults ≥18 years with T2D on BI and ≥1 HbA1c available value at baseline and 6-month follow-up. The primary objective was non-inferiority of iGlarLixi to BI+RAI in HbA1c change from baseline to 6 months (margin 0.3 %) .

Results: PSM generated cohorts with balanced baseline characteristics (N=814 in each group; Table) . HbA1c reduction from baseline to 6 months with iGlarLixi was non-inferior to BI+RAI (p<0.025) . Weight gain was significantly lower with iGlarLixi than with BI+RAI (p<0.for the difference) . At 6 months, achievement of HbA1c <7 % without hypoglycemia and weight gain was similar between groups. Hypoglycemia was low in both groups, likely due to underreporting.

Conclusions: In this real-world study, QD iGlarLixi was as effective as MDI BI+RAI in HbA1c reduction and had a favorable body weight benefit.


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