Background: The prevalence of diabetes continues to rise worldwide. mHealth programs with 24/7 app access and frequent interaction with remote providers ease the learning, practice, application, and daily integration of self-care skills and health improvement behaviors for people diagnosed with diabetes, especially those at high risk for cardiometabolic and mental health complications. This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an established mHealth program on measures of glycemic control in a population at high risk for the development of diabetes-related complications (hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) ≥ 8.0%) .

Methods: This study protocol employed a single-arm, retrospective design. Participants were offered the app-based Vida Health Diabetes Management program as part of their medical insurance benefit. This intervention utilized one-to-one remote sessions with Registered Dietitians and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists as well as structured lessons and tools related to diabetes management. Participants were included if they had a valid laboratory HbA1c completed between 365 to 21-days of enrollment and a follow-up laboratory HbA1c value within 90 to 365-days following enrollment. Two-tailed paired t-tests were used to evaluate changes in HbA1c between baseline and follow-up.

Results: Participants with HbA1c ≥ 8.0% at baseline (n=1023) demonstrated a decrease in HbA1c of -1.37 points between baseline (mean: 9.84, SD: 1.64) and follow-up (mean: 8.47, SD: 1.77, p<0.001) . Additionally, we observed a decrease in HbA1c of -1.94 points between baseline (mean: 10.77, SD: 1.48) and follow-up (mean: 8.83, SD: 1.94, p<0.001) among participants with HbA1c ≥ 9.0% (n = 618) .

Conclusion: This study demonstrated clinically meaningful improvements in glycemic control among participants enrolled in the Vida Health Digital Diabetes Management Program. Future work should aim to identify mechanisms of this, and other mHealth interventions, most associated with glycemic control.


G. Zimmermann: Employee; Vida Health. A. Venkatesan: Employee; Vida Health. K. Rawlings: Employee; Vida Health. R. S. Frank: Employee; Vida Health. C. Edwards: Employee; Vida Health.


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