Introduction: Proteomics could improve our understanding of the etiology of diabetes. We sought to identify proteomic signatures associated with incident diabetes.

Method: We used data from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study (visit 2, 1990-92) in midlife (ages 47-70y) . We examined associations of 4955 plasma proteins measured using an aptamer-based platform in 11341 participants (∼50% women, ∼25% Black) without prevalent diabetes. We divided the data into discovery (2/3) and validation (1/3) sets. We used multivariable Cox regression to examine protein associations with incident diabetes (diagnosis or medication) . Statistical tests were based on Bonferroni corrected p-values.

Results: In the discovery set (n=7907) , 1443 diabetes events accrued over a median (IQR 12, 21) years. We identified 568 proteins associated (p<0.05/4955) with incident diabetes after demographic adjustment and 162 proteins after additional adjustment for lifestyle and cardiometabolic risk factors (Figure) . In the validation set (n=3434, 723 events) , 78 of the 162 proteins were statistically significantly (p<0.05/162) associated with incident diabetes, including established (e.g. adiponectin, growth hormone receptor) and novel hits (e.g. apoplipoprotein F, carboxypeptidase M) .

Conclusions: We identified multiple established and novel proteins associated with incident diabetes in midlife.


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