BEATdiabetes is based on Joslin Diabetes Center’s Why WAIT program, a 12-week program designed to help improve weight and diabetes glycemia, incorporating structured diet, learning sessions and individualized exercises. The Why WAIT program has demonstrated effectiveness virtually. Endpoints included weight, BMI, and A1c. The program employed a version of BEATdiabetes app (developed by Healthimation Inc®, licensed by Nemaura Medical) and utilized gamification to engage users. In addition, participants shared 2-hour, weekly virtual visits to review food logs, exercise sessions, and CGM data with diabetes medications adjusted accordingly. This initial pilot study uses the BEATdiabetes app and seeks to identify if results can be replicated in a real-world environment (RWE) without virtual visits, CGM data and program medication adjustment. The APRN, CDCES live coach had phone calls with users weekly for the first 4 weeks, then 4-week intervals for the next 8 weeks with more touchpoints available (emails, in-app chat, phone calls) . Self-reported endpoints showed users remained engaged utilizing the app 70/84 days, completed 74% of 7 daily tasks, and positively received education, resulting in weight loss, reduction in BMI and waist circumference, and improvement/maintenance in glycemia all during the holiday season. Based upon pilot study learnings changes were identified for next steps in RWE.


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