MLE contains iminosugar alkaloids (of which 1-deoxynojirimycin [DNJ] is most abundant) , and phenolic and flavonoid functional ingredients, which can modulate PP metabolism. We tested a 2 g powder blend of 250 mg MLE (containing 12.5 mg DNJ) combined with fibre (1.75 g) , vit D (0.75 μg) , and chromium (75 μg) , versus placebo (PBO) , in a double-blind RCT. In this two-center (US, Singapore) , single-intervention study, in people with T2D (drug-naïve or on metformin) with Asian race, the powder was sprinkled over a 350 kcal breakfast meal (white bread, cheese, apple juice [55.4 g carbs]) , consumed after a 10h fast. PP blood glucose and insulin were assessed over 3h. Thirty individuals (mean age 59 years, HbA1c 7.1%, BMI 26.5 kg/m2) were enrolled. Compared to PBO, the MLE-blend significantly reduced PP incremental area under the glucose curve (iAUC) , at 1h (-20%, p<0.0001) , 2h (-17%, p=0.0001) , and 3h (-15%, p=0.0032) (Figure) . A significant 1h-reduction in insulin iAUC (-24%, p=0.0236) was also observed, but not at 2h, or 3h (Figure) . Compared to PBO, a 2 g natural powder blend of MLE, fibre, Vit D and chromium significantly reduced the overall glycemic burden and early insulin response of a carbohydrate-rich breakfast in T2D, suggesting its use as a convenient dietary adjuvant to improve PP metabolic response.


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