Introduction: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a prevalent cardiovascular disease among patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) . Heart failure risk (HF) & In-hospital outcomes surrounding AF are poorly understood among diabetes

Methods: We queried the National Inpatient Sample from 2016 to 2018 for patients with DM as a principal diagnosis with & without underlying AF as a secondary diagnosis. The primary outcome was mortality, while secondary outcomes were cardiogenic shock (CS) , Cardiac Arrest (CA) , Mean Length of stay (LOS) , Total hospital cost (THC) , & average patient charge (APC) . Multivariable regression models were applied for outcomes

Results: A total of 1,211,870 patients with DM were admitted with 11.9% having AF. AF vs. No AF cohorts were mean age of 71.4 years vs. 59.3 years & Females (35.5% vs. 41.7%) . CAD, HF & CKD were more prevalent (51.6% vs. 25.9%) , (47.8% vs. 16.2%) , (52.5% vs. 34.6%) in DM with AF. Higher inpatient mortality, CS, CA, APC & LOS were observed in the AF group (Table 1)

Conclusion: One in nine patients hospitalized with DM has AF. Comorbid heart & kidney disease were prevalent in DM patients with AF. Higher in-hospital mortality & adverse cardiovascular outcomes were observed in these patients, with greater costs for the hospital & patient. Preventative treatment addressing HF risk in DM patients with AF maybe improve outcomes & costs.


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