Objectives: Diabetes and diabetic dyslipidemia with high triglycerides (TGs) are commonly associated. Saroglitazar is the first dual PPAR α/γ agonist which has been approved in India for diabetes dyslipidemia management. This study aimed at evaluation of the efficacy and long-term safety of Saroglitazar on diabetic dyslipidemia with very high triglyceride (>500 mg/dl) in real-world clinical practice.

Methods: This investigation took up the form of a real-world retrospective observational study. In this retrospective study, we identified 150 patients with diabetic dyslipidemia with triglycerides >500 mg/dL at baseline) . They were treated with Saroglitazar once daily.

Results: Significant reduction of TG and LDL-cholesterol was observed from baseline to 12th weeks 669.93±81.22 to 268.72±82.32 mg/dl and from 167.68±10. to 118.88±12 mg/dl. This study showed that in addition to statins, Saroglitazar paved the way for significant improvement in all the lipid parameters. At 52 weeks, a reduction in values of TG of 66.9%, LDL-C of 38.47%, total cholesterol of 44.84 %, and non- HDL-C of 52.62 % was evident. Adding Saroglitazar in patients on existing antidiabetic medications had highlighted a crucial 0.8% absolute reduction in HbA1c. Significant amounts of improvements in postprandial plasma glucose and fasting have also been seen.

Conclusion: This study concludes that there are no adverse alterations in serum creatinine and edema. Saroglitazar can be considered as an effective therapeutic option in diabetic dyslipidemia with very high triglycerides levels. It is very safe for long-term use.


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