Background: Previous studies reported inconsistent effects of testosterone therapy on the lipid profile in men with hypogonadism.

Methods: Of 370 men with hypogonadism and T2DM, 190 received testosterone undecanoate 1000 mg/12 weeks (T-group) , 180 opted against treatment (CTRL) . Means and standard deviations of absolute measures over 13 years of treatment are reported.

Results: Mean baseline age: 62.0±5.2, mean (median) follow-up: 9.3±3.1 (10) years. Total cholesterol (TC) (mmol/L for all lipids) decreased from 8.3±1.1 to 5.1±0.3 in T-group and increased from 7.1±1.2 to 8.4±1.4 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . HDL increased from 1.0±0.4 to 1.6±0.3 in T-group and decreased from 1.1±0.5 to 0.8±0.4 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . The TC:HDL ratio decreased from 9.8±4.2 to 3.2±0.6 in T-group and increased from 8.0±3.9 to 13.8±6.8 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) .LDL decreased from 4.7±0.8 to 2.6±0.2 in T-group and increased from 4.1±1.4 to 5.2±1.6 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . Triglycerides decreased from 3.5±0.6 to 2.2±0.1 in T-group and increased from 3.1±0.6 to 3.8±0.8 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . Non-HDL decreased from 7.3±1.1 to 3.5±0.3 in T-group and increased from 6.0±1.4 to 7.7±1.5 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . Remnant cholesterol decreased from 2.7±0.9 to 0.9±0.3 in T-group and increased from 2.0±1.0 to 2.5±0.7 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) . The triglyceride:HDL ratio decreased from 9.4±4.4 to 3.1±0.7 in T-group and increased from 8.0±4.0 to 14.1±6.9 in CTRL (p<0.00for both) .

Conclusions: Long-term treatment with TU in men with hypogonadism and T2DM improved the lipid profile, which worsened in controls.


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