Background: People with T1D commonly struggle with co-managing weight and glycemia, which increases cardiovascular disease risk. We evaluated the effect of an adaptive Sequential, Multiple Assignment, Randomized Trial (SMART) pilot on weight and glycemia in people with T1D.

Methods: The SMART pilot tested the hypocaloric Look AHEAD (Low Fat) or Low Carbohydrate (Low Carb) ; or Mediterranean (Med, not calorie restricted) diets among young adults with T1D ages 19-30 (BMI 27-39.9 kg/m²) . We report data from the first 3-month diet period pre-pandemic before a shift to a virtual protocol for primary (weight, HbA1c, and % time below range [TBR, 54-69 mg/dl]) and secondary outcomes (body fat % and % time in range [70-180 mg/dl]) . We computed descriptive within-group changes in outcomes. Adjusted models tested diet differences.

Results: Overall weight change was -2.0 kg (95% CI -3.0, -1.1, p<0.0001, n=38) and did not vary by diet. Body fat % decreased overall. Per adjusted models, HbA1c decreased on Low Fat vs. Low Carb (-0.60% [95% CI -1.5, -0.3], p=0.049) and TBR trended towards a decrease on Med vs. Low Carb (-3.1% [95% CI -6.4, 0.083], p=0.056) .

Conclusions: Our intervention decreased adiposity and maintained glycemia in young adults with T1D. We will use these results to power an efficacy trial to co-optimize weight and glycemia among individuals with T1D.


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