Background: Clinical weight loss interventions improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D) , but are costly and have limited accessibility. The objective of this trial was to test the efficacy of a diabetes-tailored widely available weight management program (WW, formerly Weight Watchers) on glycemic control in adults with T2D.

Methods: This was a prospective 24-week single arm, three-site clinical trial. Participants (n= 136) had T2D, a baseline HbA1c between 7-11%, and a BMI between 27-50 kg/m2. All participants received the 24-wk intervention, which consisted of the WW digital + workshop program tailored for people with T2D, and included weekly virtual workshops and use of the WW App. Assessments occurred at baseline, wk 12 (83.8% retention) , and wk 24 (83.1%) . Primary outcome was change in HbA1c at 24 weeks. Secondary endpoints were changes in body weight and the Diabetes Distress Scale (DDS) . Generalized linear effects models were used for statistical analysis (MAR) and used an intent-to-treat analysis.

Results: Participants were 56.8 ± 0.8 y (Mean ± SEM) , 80.2% Female, 62.2% non-Hispanic white. Baseline BMI was 36.2±0.6 kg/m2. Baseline HbA1c, weight, and total DDS score were 7.9±0.1%, 104.3±1.8 kg, and 2.2±0.1, respectively. HbA1c decreased 0.6±0.1% at wk 12 and 0.8±0.1% at wk 24 (both p <.0001) . Body weight decreased 4.6±0.5% at wk 12 and 5.7±0.5% at wk 24 (both p <.0001) . Total DDS score decreased 0.2±0.1 at wk 12 and 0.3±0.1 at wk 24 (both p <.0001) .

Conclusions: The widely available WW program, modified for those with T2D, had favorable and clinically meaningful effects on glycemic control, body weight, and diabetes distress at 12 and 24 weeks.


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