Introduction: Diabetes distress is a unique, often hidden, emotional burden and worry that an individual experiences while managing diabetes. Enhanced motivation and willingness are important components of one’s ability to manage the increasing demands of diabetes. Aim of this study is to analyse the effectiveness of digital therapeutics programs in providing evidence-based care that can help in better management of diabetes through long-term behaviour change.

Methods: This study was conducted with 100 participants diagnosed with type 2 DM across India. They were enrolled in the Diabefly® digital therapeutics program for 90 days. Highly customized virtual stress management and behaviour therapy sessions were given to each participant along with nutrition and fitness sessions. Various digital interventions were shared at regular intervals. Initial and final assessment was done using Diabetes Distress Scale and Motivation and Attitude towards Changing Health. t - test was used to analyse the data.

Results: Motivation levels among participants improved significantly by 9.39% from a baseline score of 33.70±4.24 to 37.42±4.50 (p=0.001) . Distress levels among participants decreased significantly by 24.21% from a baseline score of 1.90±0.77 to 1.35±0.45 (p=0.001) . Participants from joint families have higher interpersonal distress as compared to nuclear families (p=0.008) . Participants having diabetes for more than 5 years have higher physician distress (p=0.001) and interpersonal distress (p=0.005) as compared to newly diagnosed ones. Participants who are on insulin along with medications have higher physician distress (p=0.031) and interpersonal distress (p=0.020) in comparison to those who are just on medication or not on any medication.

Conclusion: Remote behavioural interventions as part of a comprehensive 90 days Diabefly® program can be very effective in managing diabetes adequately.


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