Aim: The TheraKey Diabetes 3.0 app supports people with diabetes (PwD) during diabetes diagnosis and in the further course of the disease by providing personalized content (e.g., information, graphics, educational videos, testimonials, worksheets, interactive elements) , knowledge and skills for better self-management and coping with the diabetes disease or therapy in everyday life. This study examined the effect in terms of patient-reported outcomes.

Methods: Online survey of users of MyTherakey Diabetes 3.0 with a pre-post design at 4 (t1) and 12 weeks (t2) . 185 PwD (15,1% type 1 diabetes (T1D) , 79.5% type 2 diabetes (T2D) , 43,2% female, average age 53.5 years, diabetes duration 3,6 (± 7,2) years, BMI 32,3 (± 7,8) kg/m², 34,6% insulin therapy, HbA1c 8,3 ± 2,5%) . Response rate at t2: 55% (n=105) . Diabetes Self-Management: Diabetes Self-Management Questionnaire (DSMQ) , Problem Areas in Diabetes Scale (PAID-5) . Well-being: WHO-5. Active Patient Participation: Patient Activation Measure (PAM-13D) . Self-efficacy expectancy: General Self-efficacy Scale (GSE) . Health literacy: European Health Literacy Survey (HLS-EU-Q16) . Adherence: MARS D.

Results: (t2) : DSMQ: 10,5 ± 10,8/13,3 ± 9,5, p<.0 (t1 p<.001) . WHO-5: 10,5 ± 4,4/11,7 ± 4,1, p=.0 (t1 p= .006) . PAID-5: 33,4 ± 22,5/29,6 ± 21,5, p=.015 (t1 p=.181) . MARS-D: 6,3 ± 1,7/6,8 ± 2,5, p=.022 (t1 p=.432) . PAM-13D: 42,7 ± 4,8/43,4 ± 5,1, p=.136 (t1 p=.426) . GSE: 21,4 ± 5,1/21,8 ± 5,0, p=.297 (t1 p=.167) . HLS-EU-Q16: 13,8 ± 7,4/12,4 ± 8,1, p=.036 (t1 p=.793) . Subgroup analyses show that PwD with short (< 1 year) and long duration of diabetes (< 5 years) and PwD-T2D benefit most.

Conclusion: After 3 months of using the diabetes app, patient-relevant benefits can be observed in terms of improved self-management, better well-being, reduced diabetes-related burden, and better adherence. It remains unclear why health literacy is declining. The TheraKey 3.0 can positively support PwD in managing their diabetes.


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