Aims: Are there differences in the attitudes of physicians, parents and people with diabetes (PwD) towards digitalization and new technologies in diabetes and how do these change from 20- 2021?

Methods: In 20 and 2021, PwD and diabetologists in Germany were asked via online surveys about their attitudes and assessment of digitalization and new technologies in diabetology. 2019: 324 diabetologists (43% female, average age 52.2 years) and 3.427 PwD (47.7% female, 56.6% type 1 diabetes (T1D) , 25.5% type 2 diabetes (T2D) , 8.1% parents of children with diabetes; Ø 49.2±19.3 years) . 2021: 3diabetologists (48% female, average age 53.7 years) and 2.417 PwD (47.5% female, 57.8% type 1 diabetes (T1D) , 20.7% type 2 diabetes (T2D) , 19.0% parents of children with diabetes; Ø 47.7 years) .

Results: Parents (T1D) (2019: 89.5% positive; 2021: 91.7%) PwD-TD1 (2019: 85.3%; 2021: 91.1%) have more positive attitudes towards digitalization than PwD-T2D (2019: 73.3%; 2021: 87.1%) or diabetologists (2019: 75.8%; 2021: 81.9%) . Within 2 years, positive attitudes increased in all 4 groups. There was a great agreement between all 4 groups regarding the most important topics for the future of diabetology: AID systems were in first place in the ranking, followed by interoperability of systems, software for analysing glucose data and artificial intelligence.

Conclusions: PwD have very positive attitudes towards digitalization and new technologies in diabetes with only very small differences between TD1 and TD2. These are significantly higher than those of physicians. All groups have very high expectations for the further development of AID systems in particular.


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