Objective: A subset of youth with T1D experience ongoing challenges with diabetes self-management, often due to social risk. This 5-site study examined which social factors were associated with hemoglobin A1c (A1c) , specifically in youth with preexisting high A1c.

Methods: Youth with T1D for more than 1 year were included if between 12-17 years old and with at least one A1c value ≥10% in the past year. Chart review captured A1c values, and caregivers reported on social risk- with 16 risk variables (e.g., housing security, employment status) in initial analyses. Multivariable linear regression model included A1c from 1 year prior to enrollment as an outcome and backwards stepwise procedure retained covariates with p<0.10.

Results: Participants (n=130) had a mean age of 14.4 (±1.6) years and mean A1c of 11.1 (±1.7) ; 49% reported male gender; 51% self-identified as Non-Hispanic White. A1c prior to study enrollment was predicted to be 0.68 lower in individuals whose caregiver had at least a college education and 0.65 higher when caregivers were divorced or separated.

Conclusion: Findings suggest that, in youth with preexisting difficulty with glycemic variability, caregiver education level and marital status are associated with A1c - and, while not causal, may reflect unique value when screening for risk. This cohort will be followed to determine which factors predict future health concerns and associated need for intervention.


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