AIAN women have higher risk for GDM. Early preconception counseling (PC) about healthy lifestyle/weight and mothers’ support could reduce these risks. We describe and compare parallel measures of SS with RH/GDM risk: daughters’ perceived SS from mothers, and mothers’ perceived SS for daughters. Methods: Secondary analysis used baseline data from 113 mother-daughter (M-D) dyads from four sites participating in Stopping GDM, an online randomized trial to reduce risks of GDM. Perceived maternal SS was amounts (0=no support, to 5=a lot of support) and types of SS re: RH, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and seeking PC to prevent GDM (instrumental SS, e.g., help get birth control; informational SS, e.g., on pregnancy/GDM) . M-D independently completed online measures of perceived available maternal SS. We performed descriptive, within-dyad comparative/correlational analyses. Results: AIAN AYA (n=113; mean age 17±3yrs; BMI 29±8.3 kg/m2) and their mothers (n=113; age 44.7±9yrs; 45% had > 2-4 college; 44% married) . AYA reported moderately high levels of maternal SS: total (16±5; range:0-20) ; instrumental (12±4; 0-15) ; informational (4±2; 0-5) . Mothers reported high levels of SS to give their daughters: total (20±1; range:15-20) ; instrumental (15±1; 10-15) ; informational (5±0; 0-5) . Mothers reported significantly higher levels of SS to give their daughters compared to their daughters’ perception of available maternal SS (p<.001) . Daughters and mothers’ perceived available maternal SS were positively correlated: total: rS=.218, p=.024; instrumental: rS=.229, p=.016. Conclusion: Maternal SS perceived by AIAN AYA females for RH and GDM prevention was lower than their mothers’ perception of available SS for their daughters. Mothers could potentially provide SS for their daughters. M-D dyadic approach could be beneficial to minimize the risk of GDM.


D. Charron-Prochownik: None. S.M. Sereika: None. A.F. Fischl: None. N. O'Banion: None. K.L. Gonzales: None. L. Chalmers: None. K.R. Moore: Consultant; Novo Nordisk.


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