Many studies suggest that there is a difference in perceived stress (PS) among genders in general population. Gender differences in patients with diabetes are uncertain. Descriptions of gender differences in PS during Covid lockdown in people with diabetes are lacking.

Objectives: To assess the differences regarding perceived stress and anxiety between genders among persons with diabetes during COVID-pandemic lockdown. Secondary: To describe the association between PS with metabolic control and other co-variables.

Methods: Multicenter, cross-sectional observational study of data collection through an online survey. Adults with T1D and T2D in 37 Argentine Diabetes Centers were included, from April to May, 2020. Degree of stress was evaluated by the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) , and anxiety by the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) .

Results: 2273 patients were included. 1194 (52.5%) were female. Age in woman 48.6 years and 52.1 in men. The proportion of patients with T2D was higher in male (58.6% vs. 48.9%) . Diabetes duration was around 14 years, similar in both genders. A1c levels were higher in female patients (7.7% vs. 7.5%, p < 0.05) . BAI and PPS scales resulted significantly correlated (r=0.58; p <0.001) . In the univariate analysis BAI and PPS scores were significantly higher in women with both T1D and T2D vs. men (BAI 8.9 vs. 6.6, p<0.001, PSS 14.3 vs. 11.8, p<0.001) . Using a logistic model as a discriminant function, female gender was significantly associated with BAI and PPS scores after adjustment for type of diabetes, age, A1c, educational level, living alone condition and the presence of comorbidities or complications (p<0.001) . Using multiple linear regression, BAI and PSS scores were significantly associated with female gender, after adjustment by the same covariates (BAI p<0.00 and PSS p<0.0013) .

Conclusion: In the study sample, female gender was associated with higher scores of anxiety and PS, in a context of isolation due to COVID pandemic in Argentina.


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