Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) metrics and self-reported disease characteristics (severe hypoglycemic events [SHEs], HbA1c) warrant further description in people with T1D using CGM and pumps, including hybrid closed-loop systems (HCLS) . We conducted a one-time online survey of adults with T1D in the T1D Exchange Registry or online communities, where ∼50% of participants contributed up to 1 year of CGM data. Patients were asked about their medical history (SHEs, HbA1c) , while glucose management indicator (GMI) , prolonged hypoglycemic events (<54 mg/dL) , time in and below range (TIR/TBR) , and coefficient of variation (CV) were derived from CGM data. Patients who completed the survey and contributed CGM data (N=926) had a mean age of 42 y and T1D duration of 25 y; 73% were female; 96% were white; 94% had ≥1 year of CGM use. Mean HbA1c was 6.6% (69.0% had HbA1c <7%) . While most patients met consensus glycemic targets (HbA1c, GMI, TIR, TBR, and CV) , with higher proportions observed in those using HCLS pumps than in those using pump + CGM (not HCLS) and MDI + CGM (Table) , patients continued to have significant hypoglycemia based on CGM data and an average of 1.1 SHEs in the prior year. Despite improvements in glycemic control (TIR, TBR, and self-reported HbA1c) with advanced technologies, many patients still cannot achieve clinical targets and experience significant hypoglycemia, highlighting the unmet need for novel T1D treatments.


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