Frequency scanning with intermittently scanned CGMS (is-CGMS) is associated with glycemic indices. No data is available for its correlation with fear of hypoglycemia (FOH) , a well-known factor affecting quality of life and glycemic control in type 1 diabetes (T1DM) . The aim of the study was to analyze the association of scanning frequency with glycemic indices and FOH in T1DM patients using is-CGMS. T1DM patients using is-CGMS were eligible. Clinical data, Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) reports were obtained from medical records. FOH was assessed using Hypoglycemia Fear Survey II (HFS-II) . We included 77 consecutive patients (58 females) , 38 were treated with insulin pump, 39 with multiple daily injections. Their mean age was 34.1+/-10.2 years and T1DM duration 14.7 +/-12.0 years. Mean glycemic indices were as follows: mean glucose - 155.8+/-29.8 mg/dl; GMI - 53.3+/-7.5 mmol/mol; TIR - 66.4+/-17.8%; TB70 - 4.5+/-4.1%; TB54 - 0.6+/-1.2%; TA180 - 29.2 +/-17.9%; TA250 - 9.6+/-10.4%; %CV - 36.7+/-8.3. The average scanning frequency was 13.8+/-7.8 scans/d. Mean HFS II scores were 16.1+/-7.2 and 18.7+/-12.2 in behavior and worry subscale, respectively. Correlation was found between scanning frequency and mean glucose, GMI, TIR, TB70, TA180, TA250, %CV and HFS-B (p<0.for all statistics) .

In summary, for the first time, we report that higher scanning frequency is associated not only with better glycemic indices but also with less FOH in T1DM patients using is-CGMS. This constitutes a new argument for advising T1DM patients frequent scanning when using is-CGMS.


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