Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) allows greater detection of hypoglycemia. We compared rates and duration of sensor detected hypoglycemia (SDH) and patient reported hypoglycemia (PRH) in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and normal awareness of hypoglycemia (NAH) (Gold score >4) using either flash or capillary blood glucose (CGB) monitoring. We included 91 participants (70 CGM vs. 21 CBG) with T1D with >1 hypoglycemic episode in the last month. They used blinded CGM in addition to their usual glucose monitoring and recorded PRH (symptomatic event that resolved on carbohydrate ingestion, or a self-measured glucose <72 mg/dl) in real time on a smartphone app for weeks. Sleep status was obtained using wrist wore actigraphy. Median (IQR) time in range (TIR) , 59.4 (17.4) vs 60.1 (16.9) % p=.54 and time below range, 4.6 (5.3) vs. 3.6 (5.7) % p=0.39, were not different. There were no significant differences in rates or duration of SDH <70 mg/dl or <54 mg/dl (table 1) . Rates of PRH were higher in the CGM group while awake, 2.9 (2.6) vs. 1.9 (2.6) episodes/week p=.039, with no difference during sleep. Median duration of SDH < 40mg/dl while awake was longer, 20.1 (12.7) vs. 43.2 (7.0) minutes p=.0068. For a given TIR, people with T1DM have similar hypoglycemia exposure regardless of mode of monitoring. CGM enhances awareness of events and shortens events < 40mg/dl whilst awake.


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