Few studies have reported on differences in glycemic control and glucose variability by continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in hospitalized insulin-treated older adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D) . Accordingly, we combined data from 3 inpatient randomized clinical trials using CGM in insulin-treated patients with T2D. Glycemic parameters were compared in 103 older adults (≥60 years) and 160 younger adults (<60 years) . Older adults, as compared to younger adults, had significantly lower HbA1c and blood glucose (BG) upon admission, and had lower overall mean daily CGM glucose values and higher percent time in range between 70-180 mg/dl during hospital stay. Glycemic variability (GV) did not differ between the two groups when assessed through direct univariate comparisons using coefficient of variation (CV) , mean amplitude of glucose excursion (MAGE) , and standard deviation (SD) ; however, a multivariate analysis adjusted for GFR, BMI, admission BG and HbA1c, indicated that older adults have higher GV during the hospital stay compared to younger adults. Conclusion: Our study indicates that older adults with T2D have better glycemic control on admission (BG and HbA1c) and had higher % time in range (70-180 mg/dl) , no difference in hypoglycemia, but greater GV during hospitalization compared to younger adults.


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