Background: Digital therapeutics platforms provide accessible and multidisciplinary care for the management of T2D. The current study explored the effectiveness of the Diabefly program for improving glycemic control in people with T2D.

Methods: Diabefly program provides a combination of mobile application, remote lifestyle coaching, live video consultations by experts (psychologist, physiotherapist and nutritionist) , and digital logging of parameters. The outcome of the study was to evaluate the change in HbA1c, fasting blood sugar (FBS) , postprandial blood sugar (PPBS) , weight, and body mass index (BMI) at the beginning and end of the program. All the outcomes were evaluated using paired t-test with P<0.considered as significant.

Results: A significant mean reduction in HbA1c levels by 1.69 ± 1.91% from a baseline of 8.66 ± 2.05% was observed (P<0.001) . Among all the participants, 93.02% (160/172) showed a reduction in their HbA1c, out of which 56.25% (90/160) showed a HbA1c reduction of more than 1%. Similarly, weight and BMI were also significantly reduced by 2.59 ± 3.31 kg and 0.92 ± 1.15 kg/m2 from a baseline of 75.94 ± 16.24 kg and 27.49 ± 4.71 kg/m2 respectively (P<0.0for both) . Among all the participants, 70.34% (121/172) reduced their weight, out of which 32.23% (39/121) showed a weight reduction of at least 5 kg. Among participants (n=42) with complete FBS and PPBS data, a significant mean reduction by 51.44 ± 58.87 mg/dL and 90.90 ± 78.96 mg/dL from a baseline of 164.87 ± 63.83 mg/dL and 227.95 ± 82.34 mg/dL was observed respectively (P<0.0for both) .

Conclusion: Effective glycemic control and significant weight reduction was achieved at the end of the program. Thus, Diabefly program can help in providing continuous support to implement lifestyle changes between quarterly doctor visits and greater usage of a remote lifestyle coaching can be a useful adjunct to doctor’s prescription for holistic management of diabetes.


R. Verma: Employee; Fitterfly Healthtech Pvt Ltd, Wellthy Therapeutics Pvt Ltd. M.A. Khader: Employee; Fitterfly HealthTech Pvt Ltd. T. Lathia: Advisory Panel; Abbott, AstraZeneca, Biocon, Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Novo Nordisk, Sanofi. S. Guntur: Employee; Fitterfly Health Tech Pvt. Ltd. A.K. Singal: Other Relationship; Fitterfly Healthtech Pvt Ltd.

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