Introduction: Digital multicondition platforms seek to assist persons with diabetes in management of their diabetes and comorbidities. Hypertension is reported in over two-thirds of patients with type 2 diabetes. Both are major risk factors for cardiac, stroke, and kidney disorders. Dario’s digital therapeutics platform for chronic conditions supports self-management of diabetes and high blood pressure. The platform enables digital evaluation of blood glucose and blood pressure levels in real time and supports interventions based on clinical indicators.

Method: A retrospective data evaluation was performed on the Dario data base since 2019. A population of active users who started with hypertension stage 1 as baseline was identified. Blood glucose and blood pressure readings were assessed at first month and 6th month of use. A subgroup of users who started at hypertension stage 2 was evaluated as well. Systolic, diastolic pressures and average blood glucose were evaluated along of the study.

Results: For the 2554 users identified with diabetes and hypertension, more than two thirds improved their systolic blood pressure by 13 mmHg (P<0.001; 144±14 to 131±13) . A group of 38.7% (N=990) moved to a lower hypertensive stage (P<0.001) . The subset of 1367 users with stage 2 hypertension improved their systolic blood pressure from 150±12.4 to 141±15.2 mmHg on average and 43.9% (N=600) improved their blood pressure by more than mmHg over six months (P<0.001) . A subgroup of 3users who started at high-risk blood glucose levels significantly reduced their blood glucose average by 15% over 6 months (232.4±46 to 198±65 mg/dL) (P<0.001) .

Conclusion: A multicondition digital therapeutic platform may promote behavioral modifications and result in sustainable improvements in both glycemic control and blood pressure levels. The study demonstrates an improvement in multiple chronic conditions (diabetes and Hypertension) for people using one digital platform.


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