The PIONEER 8 (NCT03021187) trial demonstrated significant glucose-lowering efficacy of oral semaglutide vs. placebo (pbo) in patients (pts) with T2D inadequately controlled with insulin. Additionally, those assigned to oral semaglutide (7 or 14 mg daily) had a lower total daily insulin dose at end of treatment (week 52) relative to baseline, vs. those treated with pbo, suggesting an insulin-sparing effect. This post-hoc analysis of PIONEER 8 aimed to characterize the transition of adding a GLP-1RA to insulin therapy and to quantify reductions in total insulin dose seen with the addition of oral semaglutide. A 20% reduction in total daily insulin dose was recommended at randomization up to week 8. Total daily insulin was not to exceed pre-randomization dose between weeks 8 and 26 but was freely adjustable at the investigator’s discretion from week 26 to 52. For all doses of oral semaglutide, a greater proportion of pts were able to maintain a greater level of insulin dose reduction vs. pbo at week 26 (Figure) . Greater proportions of pts on oral semaglutide 3, 7, and 14 mg achieved ≥20% reductions in insulin vs. those in the pbo group at both weeks 26 and 52 (Treatment policy estimand; 27.5%, 28.9%, 31.2% vs. 12.4% and 19.5%, 25.0%, 32.0% vs 5.7%, respectively; P<0.0 for all) . Addition of oral semaglutide in pts with T2D permits a significant reduction in insulin dose, which may provide benefits (e.g. lower risk of hypoglycemia and weight gain) long-term.


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