Pre-Breakfast iGlarLixi efficacy and safety were demonstrated in several randomized controlled trials. Whether time of administration could impact effectiveness in real life clinical practice is unknown. In the European REALI pooled database, we analyzed patient-level data of 1303 people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) treated with iGlarLixi for 24 weeks. Of these, 33% had the injection pre-Breakfast, 20% pre-Lunch, 31% pre-Dinner, while 16% switched time of injection. Overall, baseline characteristics were similar among groups with mean±SD age of 61±9.0 years, BMI 32.2±5.5 kg/m2, and median diabetes duration of 9 years. People with T2D previously used 1 oral glucose-lowering agent (57%) or ≥2 (43%) . A total of 590 people (45%) were insulin pretreated for a median duration of 2.5 years. Mean±SD HbA1c improved from 9.1±1.4% at Baseline to 7.7±1.2% at Week 24, with a least square mean decrease of 1.4% [95% CI: -1.50;-1.36], and most notable reduction in the pre-Breakfast group as shown in Figure 1. Mean±SD fasting plasma glucose decreased by 50.0±54.2 mg/dL and body weight by 1.8±6.6 kg at Week 24 with no difference between groups. Hypoglycemia reports were low in all groups.This analysis confirms the effectiveness of iGlarLixi at all administration times; pre-Breakfast may be preferable when there is a choice.


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