AID systems must accommodate a wide range of insulin requirements safely and effectively to apply to a broad population. We evaluated glycemic outcomes among people ages 2 to 70y with T1D and baseline A1C<10% during a 3-mo home trial with the Omnipod 5 AID System, stratified by their baseline total daily insulin dose (TDD) during a 14-day standard therapy phase (ST, multiple daily injections or pump therapy) before AID use. No minimum TDD or weight was required to enter the study. Glycemic outcomes (time in range (TIR) 70-180 mg/dL, time below range (TBR) <70 mg/dL, time above range (TAR) >180 mg/dL) and change in TDD were evaluated across 6 ST TDD ranges, from <10U to ≥65U, during AID compared with ST. Participants (N=320) had a ST TDD of (mean ± SD) 34.8±21.7U (range 5.3-166.0U) . TDD during AID ranged from 5.0 to 110.7U; TDD increased slightly for those using <30U per day. TIR increased during AID across all TDD ranges (p<0.05, Table) . TAR and TBR were reduced in groups with TDD ≥10U and TDD ≥20U, respectively. Multiple linear regression indicated that older age and higher TIR during ST (both p<0.05) were associated with higher TIR during AID, while no relationship was found between ST TDD and TIR during AID (p=0.29, r2=0.57) . The Omnipod 5 System was safe and effective for a large cohort of people with T1D ages 2 to 70y across a wide range of insulin needs.


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