Insulin exposure and action are known to differ on each of 3 days of infusion set wear during CSII. We extend these observations to 1 week in a pilot phase study comparing conventional Teflon angled infusion sets to a prototype extended wear set using Capillary Biomedical SteadiFlow™ technology. Participants with T1DM for >12 months, A1C <8.5%, c-peptide <0.6 nmol/L, and ≥6 months use of Medtronic model 530G or higher were enrolled in a 2-period crossover euglycemic clamp study; clamps were performed after fasting overnight stabilization with IV insulin. Five men and 2 women, mean duration of diabetes 22.5 (16.6 SD) years and mean BMI 27.6 (3.8 SD) kg/m2 were enrolled; 4 completed all 8 clamps, 2 completed 7 clamps and 1 completed 1 clamp. We present the pharmacokinetic profiles of insulin lispro, 0.15 U/kg delivered by bolus infusion on Days 0, 3, 5 and 7 of infusion set wear. The Figure shows aggregate results from Control and Investigational infusion sets for insulin concentration (mean±SEM) vs. time by day of set wear. Statistically significant decreases from Day 0 to Day 7 were seen for tmax (p≤0.001) , t50% (early) (p<0.002) , t50% (late) (p<0.001) , and Mean Residence Time (p<0.001) . AUC0-300 declined by approximately 20% from Day 0 to Day 7 (p<0.11) . These results confirm and extend previous observations showing significant progressive acceleration of insulin exposure as a function of duration of infusion set wear time.


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National Institutes of Health (2R44DK110969-02)

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