The Omnipod® 5 Automated Insulin Delivery System is a waterproof (IP28) hybrid closed-loop system where the continuous glucose monitor (CGM) communicates directly with the algorithm on the Pod to modulate insulin delivery automatically. However, the system relies on Bluetooth® wireless technology, a radiofrequency with limited underwater transmission ability.

Seven frequent swimmers participating in the Omnipod 5 trial reported 63 separate swimming sessions ranging 25-143 min (mean 75±30 min) . CGM-to-Pod wireless communication during swims had a median (IQR) success rate of 17% (5%, 29%) ; however, the communication success rate was 100% across all swims with CGM-to-Pod distance <8 cm (device edge to edge, n=5) . Despite communication limitations, percent time in automated mode was 99% during swims and automated modulations to insulin delivery continued to occur as needed (Table) .

These results suggest that while in-water communication is challenged, Pod to CGM placement strategies can be practiced to better improve the connectivity. Moreover, the system by design remains in automated mode when CGM values are missed and does not revert the user back to manual mode settings.


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