The discordance between the amount of new therapies for Type 2 diabetes (T2D) and improved outcomes highlights an unmet need for tools to help primary care providers (PCPs) make appropriate therapy adjustments. Here we present a novel CGM-based Glucose Pattern Insights Report (GPIR) that identifies patterns of suboptimal glycemic control, highlights the clinically most important pattern (MIP) , and offers therapy recommendations to address the MIP. To assess utility of the GPIR in clinical decision making, a reading study was conducted comparing it against a current standardized glucose report (SGR) . Clinical data from ten T2D subjects were used to generate complementary GPIRs and SGRs. Non-specialist PCPs (n=35) evaluated each case in each report design alongside A1c and medication regimen to make a therapy change recommendation. The study was structured as a two-round, full crossover session. Each round contained all ten cases for a given report design. PCPs were randomized to determine the initial report design presented. Therapy change recommendations were categorized by whether they addressed the MIP present, with a priority on treating hypoglycemia if it occurs coincident with other patterns within a given case. PCPs addressed the MIP equally well with each report in cases presenting patterns other than hypoglycemia. Across all cases and all subjects, therapy change categorizations were different in 79 instances with sixty-seven of these instances presenting hypoglycemia (ie: a PCP recommendation using one report addressed hypoglycemia, while that using the other report did not) . Within this subset, in all but one instance (66 of 67; 99%) PCPs correctly addressed low glucose with the GPIR when they did not for the same case using the SGR. These findings indicate the GPIR aides in identification and treatment of hypoglycemia that would otherwise be missed using current standardized reports.


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