BI therapy is recommended in people with T2D uncontrolled on oral antidiabetic agents. However, due to delay in BI initiation and titration, many people with T2D fail to achieve recommended glycemic targets. MDC, an FDA-approved digital app, helps people with T2D to adjust their BI doses based on their fasting blood glucose (FBG) readings and hypoglycemic event data. We evaluated real-world outcomes from people with T2D on BI therapy, who registered on MDC app from 08/01/2018 to 09/30/2021 and received insulin glargine 100 U/mL or 300 U/mL. FBG target achievement (≥3 consecutive measurements within the target range) , change in FBG, and hypoglycemia events were assessed. A total of 5MDC users from Colombia with mean (SD) age 56.6 (15.1) years (55.8% female) were included (Table) . Overall, 4 (80.9%) users achieved individualized FBG target, 44 (8.7%) were still titrating and 52 (10.3%) stopped using MDC. The mean (SD) time to reach FBG target was 10.3 (15.8) days. Mean (SD) FBG at baseline was 141.7 (55.0) mg/dL, which decreased to 117.3 (31.7) mg/dL and mean (SD) BI dose increased from 22.2 (11.3) U to 24.2 (12.4) U. Hypoglycemia events were reported in 72 (14%) participants overall. These results show that people with T2D from Colombia using MDC were able to successfully titrate their BI doses and achieve FBG target with low risk of hypoglycemia.


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