There is scarce data on the long-term safety and efficacy of IDegAsp in Asian Indians in a real-world (RW) setting. IDegAsp is a co-formulation of an ultra-long-acting insulin Degludec and a rapid acting insulin Aspart. A multi-centric, retrospective observational study was conducted to evaluate long-term efficacy and safety of IDegAsp in T2D on regular follow up for >5 years. Baseline clinical data of 535 T2D (78.7% males; avg. age= 53.41 ± 12.yrs; HbA1c= 8.88 ±1.96 %; avg. duration of diabetes: 11.34 ± 7.57yrs) , previously on treatment (90.1 %) which included various OADs±insulin regimen, or treatment-naive (9.9 %) , who were switched to or initiated on IDegAsp respectively, from December 2014 - 2021 were analyzed. Significant improvements (P<0.05) in clinical parameters were observed from baseline (Table 1) . The TDD was 15.45 ± 10.53 units/day (at 3 months) which increased (p<o.oo1) to 20.03 ± 11.units/day post-treatment (67 months) . 65.2 % continued twice daily IDegAsp and 3.9 % switched from twice daily to once daily IDegAsp during treatment. 30.9% continued once daily IDegAsp. A total of non-severe hypoglycemic episodes were observed. In this RW study involving T2D from Asia, IDegAsp significantly improved A1C and a range of clinical profiles, with negligible hypoglycemia. Unlike conventional premix/basal bolus regimen, IDegAsp offers a less complex, more physiological, safe and effective solution for glycemic control.


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