Dual amylin and calcitonin receptor agonists (DACRAs) are known to induce a significant weight loss and improve glucose tolerance and glucose control in rats. However, it is unknown if DACRAs has an insulin sensitizing effect beyond that induced by weight loss and if DACRAs affect tissue specific glucose uptake. Additionally, clamp studies with DACRAs have not previously been performed in diabetic rats. Pre-diabetic ZDSD and diabetic ZDF rats were treated with the DACRA KBP-088 (1.5 nmol//kg, s.c.) for 12 days, and a hyperinsulinemic clamp was conducted on day 13, 24 h post-dosing. In ZDSD rats a hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp was carried out, while a hyperinsulinemic isoglycemic clamp was carried out in ZDF rats. In addition, specific glucose uptake was assessed during a hyperinsulinemic isoglycemic clamp in ZDF rats. In ZDSD rats, KBP-088 treatment resulted in a significant reduction in body weight and fasting blood glucose, and improved insulin sensitivity by increasing the glucose infusion rate (GIR) (vehicle: 8.6, KBP-088: 12 mg glucose/kg/min) . In ZDF rats, KBP-088 significantly reduced fasting blood glucose and improved insulin sensitivity (GIR, vehicle: 1.5, KBP-088: 16.5 mg glucose/kg/min) , independent on weight loss. In both studies, KBP-088 increased the rate of glucose clearance, likely be increasing glucose storage, but without altering the endogenous glucose production. Direct assessment of tissue specific glucose uptake showed, that KBP-088 significantly increased glucose uptake in both muscles and adipose tissues when compared to vehicle.

In summary, KBP-088 significantly improved insulin sensitivity in both pre-diabetic and diabetic rats and markedly increased tissue specific glucose uptake. Importantly, KBP-088 has an insulin sensitizing effect independent of weight loss, highlighting DACRAs as promising agents for treatment of diabetes.


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