Introduction: The SoliMix trial (EudraCT: 2017-003370-13) found better HbA1c with weight benefit and lower hypoglycemia risk for iGlarLixi vs. premix BIAsp 30 in people with type 2 diabetes advancing from basal insulin plus oral antihyperglycemic drugs. This exploratory analysis investigated whether hypoglycemia influenced insulin titration and achievement of fasting plasma glucose (FPG) targets with each therapeutic option.

Methods: Total insulin dose changes from baseline to Week 12 were stratified by hypoglycemia (yes/no) in each treatment arm and ADA Level 2 hypoglycemia (<54 mg/dL [<3.0 mmol/L]) event rates during Weeks 0-12 were modeled according to FPG at Week 12 (when most insulin titration occurred) .

Results: Lesser insulin dose increases occurred in both treatment groups for those who experienced hypoglycemia (mean ± SD iGlarLixi: 3.9 ± 12.5 U; BIAsp 30: 11.0 ± 18.8 U) vs. those who did not (mean ± SD iGlarLixi: 11.2 ± 9.9 U; BIAsp 30: 19.4 ± 19.3 U) . While higher FPG at Week 12 correlated with greater event rates of hypoglycemia in both treatment arms, event rates were higher for BIAsp 30 than for iGlarLixi irrespective of FPG (Figure) .

Conclusions: More frequent hypoglycemia with premix BIAsp 30 than with iGlarLixi may result in lower insulin doses, thus hampering insulin titration and resulting in higher FPG.


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