Dulce Digital (DD) , a simple low-cost text message program designed to enhance clinical diabetes care with educational, motivational and glucose reminder messages when delivered 2-3 times/day over 6 months has been shown to be highly acceptable in diverse racial/ethnic minorities and low SES communities and results in a mean 1% reduction in HbA1c compared to usual care. During the COVID pandemic, barriers to in-person care, including quarantines, stay-at-home work schedules, childcare, and transportation, make digital messaging a practical means of improving patient health. To maximize reach in the T2DM population, a large Southern California health care provider integrated DD into their DSME/S offering. This study aims to learn the reach, acceptability, and effectiveness of Dulce Digital in a real-world patient care setting to motivate patients with daily self-care behaviors. An existing diabetes registry identified N=1423 patients with T2DM and HbA1c>7.5% in the last 6 months. There was enthusiastic adoption of the DD texting program byprimary care clinic sites with 78 providers across the County. Patient recruitment was conducted via a patient portal message (EPIC My Chart) sent from healthcare providers encouraging participation in the program. Within one week of portal outreach, 116 patients (8.2%) enrolled (mean age = 57.3 y/o +/- 14.4, range 24-92; 50% female; mean HbA1c= 9.9 % +/- 1.5, range 8.1-16.2) . Program workflows include using support staff to monitor blood glucose responses in the texting platform, assess possible reasons for hyper/hypoglycemia, and encourage follow up with a provider as needed. Adoption by patients and providers to date demonstrate a digital texting program is acceptable and desired equally by men and women across a wide range of ages in patients with T2D and elevated HbA1c. Outreach to enroll patients using a patient EMR portal can be successful and can serve as an enhanced approach to support DSME/S.


M.Ruiz: n/a. A.Philis-tsimikas: Advisory Panel; Bayer AG, Novo Nordisk, Research Support; Lilly Diabetes, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Novo Nordisk, Viking Therapeutics. H.Sandoval: None. A.L.Fortmann: Consultant; Ascensia Diabetes Care, Employee; Dexcom, Inc. M.A.Stechschulte: None. S.R.Bagsic: None. K.Patel: None. K.Mendez: None.

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