Digital healthcare is on the rise. Paucity of clinical data exists on the efficiency and effectiveness of the applications in diabetes management. We compared glycaemic outcomes at 4 months among type 2 diabetes (T2DM) patients opting virtual care using Diahome® app and in-person hospital visits. Data of 173 (91 app-users, 82 non app-users) were analysed. The two groups were similar by age, gender distribution and duration of T2DM. At follow-up, fasting plasma glucose significantly reduced among app-users alone (156 ± 70 vs.129 ± 40 mg/dl, p<0.02) . There was a significant change in HbA1c in both groups; improvement was better among app than non-app users (15.8% vs.10.4% p=0.004) . The app was overall acceptable. Cost of treatment per visit reduced ($57 vs. $112) . Diahome® app was superior to hospital visits for routine diabetes care.


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