Background: The COVID-pandemic accelerated adoption of telemedicine for diabetes care in 2020. We sought to describe the utilization of telemedicine across the T1DX-QI in 2021.

Methods: Twenty four pediatric and nine adult clinics completed a survey about the proportion of televisits performed, center goals and processes in fall of 2021.

Results: The majority of clinics reported performing between 11-25% (n=16, 48%) and 0-10% televisits (n=9, 27%) . The majority reported a pre-visit preparation workflow (n=24, 73%) , but most sites reported not having a staff member dedicated to supporting televisits (n=21, 64%) . No major differences in televisit use, goals, and processes were observed between pediatric and adult sites. For diabetes technology data downloads, the majority of clinics integrated data automatically into the EHR (n=25, 73%) . The major barriers to sustaining telemedicine practice across clinics were patient internet access, patient health disparities and access to device data (Figure 1) .

Conclusion: More than one year into the pandemic the proportion of televisits performed by the T1DX-QI collaborative is modest. Clinic workflows have been implemented to support telemedicine but insufficient institutional support and technology barriers still represent an obstacle.


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